More Styles, More Colors, More Prints, and More Sizes!

By utilizing the power of advanced Warehouse Management Systems at multiple supplier warehouses around the country, we are able to ship your order directly from these warehouses to your house or office. Since each brand is shipped from a different warehouse, products from different brands cannot be mixed and matched on a single order. Since mixing and matching brands in a single outfit leads to a differential rate of fade between the tops and the pants in addition to color matching issues, we don’t recommend it anyway. This allows us to offer you an amazingly large selection of styles, colors, prints, and sizes (junior, missy, women’s, petites, tall, maternity, unisex, and men’s!) and from a multitude of scrub brands! this beats filing your car with expensive gas and driving to a retail store to only find a very limited selection of scrubs. Let the Internet work for you to fitting you with the most fashionable scrubs at great prices!


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